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I was a huge fan of this series back in the day, it's what got me into animating. I didn't expect another one to come out, and I'm sorry to say, but it fell a bit short. One of the first things that bothered me was the outdated fight sounds. That crunch punch noise was overused, and pretty bad quality, it's a kind of hit sound I'd expect years ago, or from someone who is pretty new to animating, but not you. The pacing was off, by quite a bit, there was no buildup, and no tension really. It didn't capture the feel of earlier episodes.

I still enjoyed it, but it could have been so much more. The negatives outway the positives on this one.

There were some positives, the animaton was nice. I liked the choice of music, and I enjoyed the gory and bloody mess that it was. I also was happy that it was in HD.

Like I said, I still enjoyed it, there was just a lot of negatives. Good luck on your future endeavors, Sam.

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This should be deleted, this guy didn't make this at all.

0/5 for stealing. this was originally made by slackcirus, he just downloaded this and re-uploaded it.

Also reported.


Such a amazing movie, please never stop making them :D.

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The amount of detail is great, and I think you did a pretty nice job.

I feel as though polishing would of helped a lot, and a bit more playtesting before release to help weed out bugs. It's a small thing, but something that annoyed me greatly was the extremely low res backgrounds, I prefer gameplay much over graphics, but I kept seeing terrible pixelization that would take me out of any immersion I had. I still had fun though, but it could of been much much more.

I would love to see a sequel, because as I said, while this game was good, it could have been much more :).

Loved the first one, and love this one.

There is a grammar mistake though, in the skills tree for the orcs main upgrade it says "Decreased the recharge time of the all towers by 0,5% per each skill point spent on Orc skills" Note how it says "the recharge time of the all towers" instead of "the recharge time of all the towers"

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I LOVE this game

such a great game i will give it 10/10 5/5 i thought it was perfect

and tell your friends at bored.com that the game on there site wont seem to load for alot of people. thanks

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its good, all i can say is

Pants on the ground, Pants on the ground looking like a fool with your pants on the ground

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